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Town Hall
Location and Journey

Town Hall
Location and Journey
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Leisure tips for kids

Hello children!

There are many places around the village of Langdorf which are thrilling and interesting for children
including indoor activities for cooler days. And most of them are only a couple of kilometres from
Langdorf away. Other destinations are suitable for a day trip.For planning your visit we have indicated
the simple distance from Langdorf.

Haus zur Wildnis im Tierfreigelände ("House of wilderness in the animal enclosure")

Go to the newly-built information centre "Haus zur Wildnis" in Ludwigsthal. You can watch bison,
wild horses, wolves, lynx and other indigenous animals in the animal enclosure. And you can also
visit a reconstructed cave of the Ice Age. Information about the park is given in the centre.

The "Haus zur Wildnis" is located on a small hill and rewards you with a marvellous view of the
Mount Großer Falkenstein. Enjoy the interactive exhibits with a virtual 3D journey through the wilderness
in the cinema centre and discover the hidden world of the wilderness in miniature form in the "Wurzelgang"
("root passage").

For your physical well-being: You can get culinary delicacies of the Bavarian Forest in our own inn. Special
facilities for children are also offered. These include play rooms and the "children’s route" through our
exhibition and make the "Haus zur Wildnis" the ideal day for the whole family. Souvenirs and articles
made of glass and wood as well as high-quality toys await you in our gift shop. There are creative presents
for every opportunity.
(12 km from Langdorf)


The lake "Arbersee" is located at the road from Bodenmais to the Mount Arber and is a relic from the
Ice Age. It is a beautiful and much visited destination of the outing. A walk around the lake lasts about
45 minutes. The fairytale forest is opposite the lake. It is a wooded area where fairytale scenes are
(15 km)

Silberberg Bodenmais

Ore was extracted in the mountain up to the sixties. The shut down mine is accessible for visitors today.
You can reach the mountaintop on foot or by chair lift. The peak offers a wonderful view. There is a
summer toboggan run and a self-service restaurant. In winter the mountain has a ski piste and a toboggan
slope. At the valley station: a big playground and a mini petting zoo.
(7 km entfernt)

Westernstadt Pullmann City (Western Town of Pullmann City)

The Westernstadt Pullmann City near Eging am See is a paradise for western friends. There are tepees
and ranches as well as a village street with saloons, shooting stands and stores on the gigantic area. Many performances, such as horse-back riding, winging the lasso and Indian dances, show the life in the Wild West.
(50 km)

The Bavarian Animal Park in Lohberg

The beautifully animal park presents indigenous animals of the region and a petting zoo. The broad paths,
which are suitable for baby buggies too, lead past aviaries and enclosures. Amongst them: small playing
areas for children.
(25 km)

Märchen- und Gespensterschloss Lambach (Fairytale- and haunted castle)

Fairytale scenes are represented in a lovely old villa with a haunted cellar.
(30 km)

Peregrine farm Frauenau

You can experience the falconer Robert Lindl and his wife Alexandra with a unique bird of prey show and
flying demonstrations. Admire an eagle from the next proximity or be astonished at a rapid flight of a peregrine falcon.
(16 km)

Waldspielgelände Spiegelau (Forest play area)

According to the motto "understanding nature by playing" the forest play area offers adventure games
and nature experiences for the whole family. A 50 hectares woodland with playgrounds, nature experience
paths, grill places, a fairytale hut and much more invites you to enjoying a terrific day. Numerous events
are offered for children and families.
(20 km)

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